This wonderfully designed boiler have helped thousands of UK and European residence in their homes by reducing their annual fuel bills. This has made it exceptional in the country. Oil boiler replacement grant is very essential and you need to consider reading this article for more information. Oil boilers have been in the market for a decade now and it features around 60 different model variations with ranging outputs (12-70kW).

Who qualifies for oil boiler replacement grant?
Qualification can be categorized into two – automatic qualification and qualification with additional complements. What do you need to be eligible for automatic oil boiler replacement grant? So simple, all you need is pension guarantee credit, income support, income related employment and support allowance, income based jobseeker’s allowance and finally child tax credit.

Qualification with additional components can also be further categorized into two to have, working tax credit and universal credit. For working tax credit you need to have the following additional components; be over 60years old, receive disabled worker element, receive severe disability element, child under 16 years and be a child under 20 years in full-time education. For universal credit you must have either of the following additional components; be a child under 16, a child under 20 in full-time education but not in university, receive disability living allowance, receive a personal independent payment, limited capability for work.

The installation of oil boiler replacement grant must comply with the current building regulations. The comprehensive and technical info are in the installation manual usually supplied in every boiler.

Condensing oil boiler
Oil boiler replacement grant is very essential because technology is dynamic and everything seems to be improving day in day out. The condensing oil boiler are totally different from the traditional boiler in a number of ways for one they are designed to capture the heat that are lost during the combustion process through flue system. Grant Vortex unlike the traditional oil boiler has in-built stainless heat exchanger that in cooperate grant’s unique tabulator baffle system makes it possible for the extraction of useful latent heat by cooing the gases through the flue.

Easy to service and maintain
You don’t need to be worried when applying for oil boiler replacement grant, this is because at the time of installation just like oil-fired appliances grant oil boilers also require commissioning. This simple but very key process will ensure the smooth and efficient operation and eventually long term reliability and low running cost. The design makes it very easy to conduct annual servicing of both the burners and the internal serviceable parts. This great feature makes it easy to be installed neatly either in the kitchen or utility environment.

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Do you qualify for oil replacement grant?
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