Buying a property is a critical as well as the very technical state of affairs these days. A person buying a property should make sure of several facts including checking if the seller has the title to the property if he has the right to sell if there are restrictions or covenants that may prevent the owner from enjoying the property as he intends to and so on and so forth. But checking of these can be a hassle especially if you aren’t aware of the nuances. This is where a conveyancing lawyer comes into the scene. Here are some of the reasons why a conveyancing solicitors in Manchester should be hired and tips on how to hire the right candidate.


  1. a) Check the Title of the Property: A conveyancing lawyer’s primary duty is to check if the seller indeed has the title to the property intended to be sold. He should check if the property in question can be sold, and that too by the seller. This is done by checking land record files about ownership of land, etc. These are several searches conducted on the property. The lawyer goes through each of these search results carefully to assess the risks involved in the purchase of the property. Conveyancing services are also required by sellers to assess if the buyer is indeed capable of purchasing the property and to produce all documents and complete all formalities required by the property lawyer.
  2. b) Undertake all documentation: Once the title is assessed, the conveyancing lawyer prepares all formalities to prepare documents and exchange the contract. This includes formulating the draft contract, getting the approval of the other party, formulating the real contract, preparing the transfer deed, seeking approval of the transfer deed, etc, His services are also required to assess various taxes such as stamp tax, land tax etc.
  3. c) Help Buyer in the Mortgage Loan Process: It is also the duty of the conveyancing lawyer to come forward and help the buyer obtain a mortgage loan for the property. Studying the terms laid down by the lender, helping him facilitate the loan process by providing all required documents. Etc is done by the conveyancing solicitor.
  4. d) He also helps the seller discharge his own mortgage incurred if any. This includes determining the amount to be paid on the discharge of property, proving all documents required for the process, depositing the money, etc. he is also required to obtain the discharge certificate to produce this to the buyer and support the seller’s claim that the property is free of any claims.
  5. e) He has to undertake all procedures required to be undertaken during the completion date.


The duties of a conveyancing solicitors Manchester are wide and varied. The above mentioned are just some of them.

Why And How to Hire a Conveyancing Solicitors in Manchester
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