refrigerated courier services

Refrigerated transport is designed to keep a cool or frozen temperature depending on the items transported. A climate-controlled transportation that is an essential part of a growing industry. From pharmaceuticals to food, cosmetics to flows, a wide range of products are transported in this cold chain.


The Cold Hard Facts: In the UK every year, refrigerated courier services use 4, 822GWh of energy.Including the fact that suppliers load vans from 7 am until 12:30 pm during only weekdays, the highest cost factor is standing time at the client.It all started in the 1840s when milk and butter where transported, but refrigerated transport was limited to only seafood and dairy products by 1860.It began on railroad cars hauling products during wintry weather until some ice was added to train cars. Rolling out in the 1910’s were the first ice trucks.

Medicine usually needs to be kept cooler than room temperature. Labels on medication mostly read, “keep in a cool, dry place” and that requirement is for shipping too. Vaccinations, for example, should be kept between 2 and 8 degrees Celsius.The oldest and most basic form involves packing small quantities of items into cooler cases with loose ice cubes, ice packs, or dry ice. This method is used for samples from epidemic sites or for a few cool drinks for picnics. They can be kept cold for a few hours to a few days during shipping depending on the ice and cooler.Produce could only be transported 80 kilometres from the farm before. Cows were transported live to slaughterhouses but died or lost weight during transportation times.In the transportation industry, refrigeration trailers are called “reefers.” Modern reefers operate independently of the machine hauling them to provide their own refrigeration units and power source. This enables them to stay cool on truck, boat or plane.Each reefer contains about 450 kilograms of insulation foam in addition to equipment used.

Benefits of Using Refrigerated Courier Services: Vehicles can transport products for hours or days depending on the type and requirements needed. Temperature control vehicles allow users to change the temperature to the exact requirements needed. Products can be cooled overnight. Some vehicles can have dual compartments to transport frozen and chilled items. It could be a cost-effective method of transportation compared to waiting for local supplies or using the basic method. Some companies offer 24/7 delivery, and a tracking feature allows you to trace the minute-by-minute location as well as the exact current temperature of your delivery. Same-day and next-day delivery options are available and dedicated hand carry or next flight out services are available. Drivers also are usually put through training and have experience and knowledge in dealing with chilled and frozen products.

We live in an “instant” society where products can be ordered and shipped almost immediately;there isn’t much of a waiting time for medication distribution if at all and almost any product can be found at the supermarket. With 90% of the food eaten by Americans nowadays using refrigerated transport, it is an essential part of society today. Without refrigerated courier services, a lot of societies could struggle with distributing medication, food and other essential items on time.It is truly an important background operator in the world today.

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